Trading Guide

Trading binary options should not be a hard task and at Buzztrade we want you to feel at ease when using our user-friendly trading platform. This guide was created for you, in order to make your trading experience at BuzzTrade a valued one.

Main Trading Window

In the homepage as soon as you make the login the main trading window opens as shown below:

Trading platform

In the left side you find the main options list:

In the options list you see displayed all binary options assets available for trading. You can filter them by choosing what type of assets to show (Forex, Commodities, Indices and Stock) or search for a specific asset in the “search asset” box. You choose an asset by clicking on it. You’ll see as well the target price which is the price at which BuzzTrade is selling the option. Target prices vary often as they are dynamic so do the upper and lower boundary prices.

On the upper right of the screen you find the Trade Section:

Trade Section

In the trade section you find the Asset you chose to trade (1) followed by a percentage amount that stands for the potential return on investment that can be expected for this option if it expires “In the money”. When this option will expire (2) and if the trade is open or close. On the right upper corner you find 6 icons (3). The first 5 icons will modify your graph to show you the stats for your optimal view. You have a choice of area, line, candlesticks and ohlc types. In the last icon you can select several indicators and change parameters to your liking. You find the current market price on the upper part of the graph (4) for the asset you’ve chosen. The graph shows the asset price and the time left for the option before expiring, the target price and the time left before this option expires. The CALL and PUT buttons (5) execute the direction the price will go either up or down. You just need to decide in which direction the price will go: CALL (up) or PUT (down) and press the respective buttons.

At the bottom right of the Trade Window you find the following:

Open Trades, Recent trades, News, Daily Market Updates and Trading Alerts.

Open Trades, Recent trades, News, Daily Market Updates and Trading Alerts.

Here you’ll find the following terminology:

Asset: Forex, commodities, Indices and Stocks. Type: CALL (up) or PUT (down) Sum or Investment: The amount invested Entry Rate: The current market price for an underlying asset when the Option is executed. End Rate: The value of the financial asset you are trading, at the end of the expiration time. Expiration: The time at which this option will expire and can no longer be traded (there will be a countdown). Status: Tells you if the trades are going as planned. Either “In The Money” or “Out The Money” Actions: Stop loss and multipliers Payout: the amount gained. Recent Trades: your most recent trades News: Stay updated with the market news in order to make informed trades. Daily Market Updates: Market updates on each asset Trading alerts: Automatic signals

Top navigation

At the top right of the screen you’ll find a deposit button, Live chat button, a flag that represents language and Time GMT. Your account balance and name is also displayed at the top. Right next to your name, there’s an arrow. If you click on it a drop down menu will open as seen below:

drop down menu

If you click on extended Menu you’ll have access to the whole menu in a more comfortable format.

All that pertains to your account information plus tools to help you trade can be found in this area. Please see below:

your account information

To go back to the main Trade Window just click on Trade on top of the menu.

How do I complete my registration?

Under account settings, you find all the questions to the answers we need in order for you to start trading with us:

complete my registration

Please fill in all the questionnaire with your correct information under the General, Financial Background, and Knowledge & Experience tabs. Under The Agree tab please agree with the information shown. Under the documents tab please upload copies of the documents requested (Passport, Driving License or ID, and utility bill, or bank statement). Please read the appendix for your information.

How Do I trade?

Choose an asset from the asset list by clicking on it. Enter the amount you wish to invest. The minimum investment is 10($/£/€). Please note that when you enter the amount you wish to invest the return amount changes as well. So you can see right away how much you can earn. It’s important so you know the risk and the reward before you start trading. Just decide which direction the market price will go. If you think it will go up choose CALL if you think the price will go down choose PUT.