How to Trade Binary Options

You can learn how to trade binary options with the help of the BuzzTrade education center. Whether you are interested in making your first trade, or are an experienced binary options trader looking to expand your portfolio and improve your market analysis skills, BuzzTrade has tools that can help you profit from binary options trading.

To begin trading, just follow these simple steps!


1. Open your BuzzTrade Account

Opening a trading account with BuzzTrade only takes a few minutes. It is very simple and costs nothing. Visit ‘New Account’ section of the BuzzTrade website, and fill in the required personal details.

*BuzzTrade guarantees to keep your information secure and confidential.


2. Deposit Funds

Once you open your BuzzTrade account, make your first deposit so you can begin trading in real time. You can add funds to your account by several methods including credit cards, wire transfers and various online electronic payment methods. For the convenience of our global traders, we accept deposits in multiple currencies, including US Dollar, Euro, and British Pound.


3. Start Trading

Once you have funds in your account you are ready to start trading! Binary Options trading is straightforward and simple to understand.

How to trade: 


Select the asset you would like to trade with BuzzTrade offers more than 200 commodities, stocks, indices and currencies to trade with. We recommend that you choose an asset that you are familiar with in order to optimize your trading success.


Choose the direction of the trade – do you think your chosen asset will go up in value or down in value? Remember, with binary options you can profit from market movements in either direction. Decide whether you think the value of your selected asset will rise or fall by selecting ‘Call’ or ‘Put’. Select ‘Call’ if you believe the asset will rise in value, or ‘Put’ if you believe the asset will fall in value.


Enter your trade amount and select the expiration time. With BuzzTrade, you are in control of your binary options trading. Expiration times for your trade can be as short as 60 seconds after the trade has been opened, or as long as one year after the trade has been opened.


Confirm the trade details and wait for your option to expire You can keep track of all of your open positions in the ‘Open Trades’ section of the trading platform, and a full record of all previously executed trades in the ‘Trade History’ section.


4. Enjoy the profit from your trade!

After your trade expires, be sure to check the results of your trade in your personal account section.  Wishing you successful trading!