Trader Basics

Binary options is one of the fastest growing trading options available to both professional and non professional traders alike. Binary options trading enables traders to profit from the fluctuating global markets, with money making opportunities available regardless of whether market values of stock, commodity, currency pair or indices rises or falls.

When trading binary options, you simply predict whether or not an assets value will increase or decrease by the expiry time you decide. Assets have expiry rates that start with as little as a few seconds and can last a full year. Each trade has a predetermined payout level, so traders know in advance the potential profit that can be made off each trade.

BuzzTrade Traders have over 200 assets to choose from when deciding what to trade. Assets can be commodities, currencies, stocks or indices, and traders can engage in multiple trades at once.

The dynamic expiry rates, preset payouts and endless opportunities are what makes binary options trading exciting and fun. With binary options, the opportunities to profit from the markets are endless and even the most inexperienced trader can profit from successful trading.

With binary options, there are several types of option types or instruments offered by BuzzTrade. Select the instrument you would like to trade with after making your first deposit.

High/Low : This is the basic binary options contract and is also called Call/Put. During each transaction, traders will be able to select whether the trading price of the asset will by higher or lower at the time of expiry. Select Call if you think the asset price will be above the current level or select Put if you think the price will be lower at transaction expiry

One Touch Trading : BuzzTrade’s One Touch trading platform offers up to an unprecedented 500% payout on each trade! One Touch trading is best for traders who might be unsure of the sustainability of the price but are still able to predict that the price of an underlying asset will reach the predetermined level. This type of trading has predefined rates that are necessary to win the trade as opposed to predicting if the value of the asset will go up or down. This type of option can even be purchased during the weekend when trading markets are closed. The trades are executed during the week and if your chosen asset reaches or goes past the level specified at 17:00 GMT on Monday, the system automatically detects the winning trade – paying out up to 500% on your initial investment.

60 Second Trading : 60 second trading offers immediate feedback on your investment and a fun and fast-paced way to trade. When a specific asset is clearly set to move in one direction, traders can leverage these trends by executing a series of successful trades, one after the other. Traders who are able to respond immediately to sudden market fluctuations are able to enjoy immediate rewards.

Pairs : Similar to the way that currencies are paired in foreign exchange markets across the world, pair options trading allows you to put two assets up against one another and predict how the pair will perform. The pair option lets you trade on the relative performance a specific asset has against the other. For example, paired options can include the price of gold against silver, Samsung stock against Apple, or the US dollar against the Euro.